C.A.B.S. Child and Babysitting Safety



This 2½-hour course, designed for both Boys and Girls, covers the essentials your child needs to know before they begin their babysitting career.  Topics covered in this course include:


  • Setting up their business
  • Things to know before the parents leave
  • Appropriate playtime
  • Handling phone calls and strangers at the door
  • Water hazards
  • Feeding
  • Diapering
  • Sleep time
  • First Aid

While CPR and choking rescue is covered in the course text, it is not practical to include quality training in the allotted time.  All participants are strongly encouraged to attend a separate HeartSaver CPR course that covers infant, child and adult emergencies.  All CABS participants will receive a $5 discount for the HeartSaver CPR course.


Tuition is $25 per person and includes a completion card from the American Safety and Health Institute


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