Mr. Lee Jacobs

The Christian Karate Center was founded by Mr. Lee Jacobs.  Mr. Jacobs has taught karate in the Brandon, Florida area for the past 19 years.  Mr. Jacobs holds ranking in Tae Kwon Do, Shito RYU, and Dento Ryu weapons systems.  He was formerly ranked #3 in Florida for full contact karate, and he is a veteran of many state and national tournaments.

Mr. Jacobs also trains many point and full contact fighters.  Over the past 5 years Mr. Jacobs has trained 12 kick boxing champions including 3 world champions, and several state and national point fighting champions.

At the Christian Karate Center our staff is second to none.  Mr. Jacobs hand picks and trains all of his instructors.  The end result is everybody being on the same page with the guidelines Mr. Jacobs has set for his students.

The Christian Karate Demo Team has performed in many events including the Brandon 4th of July parade.  In 1990 and 1992 the Christian Karate Demo Team received the Presidents Round Table Award.  Mr. Jacobs also does many demos for local schools and community centers.  He has a great interest in the development of children through the power of positive reinforcement and the building of self-confidence.

At the Christian Karate Center each class is started with a time of prayer and the classes are free of any eastern religions.  Mr. Jacobs seeks to share his faith and values through the teaching of martial arts.  Mr. Jacobs wish is to build your child's self-confidence and discipline as well as reinforce the values you teach at home.

To contact Mr. Jacobs and learn more about his school you can visit his website at

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Lee Jacobs Christian Karate Center
302 W. Robertson Street
Brandon, Florida 33511

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