Surviving Healthcare:

 Violence at the Bedside

In many years of healthcare, I have personally encountered several violent situations.  As a healthcare provider however, we are in the unique position to respond with restraint and control, keeping patient safety at the forefront. 

The purpose of this course is to allow you to recognize the signs of a potentially dangerous situation, appropriate interventions to avoid escalation and as a last resort, how to defend yourself with simple, non-lethal self-defense.

Consider these facts:
Did you know that healthcare workers are more likely to be attacked at work than prison guards or police officers?
In a recent survey, 97% of the nurse respondents said they know a nurse who had been physically assaulted during the past year.

In this fun, fast-paced four-hour course you will learn tips on

  • How to "read" a situation
  • Positioning yourself in a room
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Identify verbal and physical clues of aggression 
  • Maintain a safe environment for your patients and yourself
  • Self defense with an emphasis on simple effective techniques that can halt a violent situation while preserving the safety of your patient and those around you

Healthcare offers the unique environment in which our focus is ALWAYS on client well-being.  When a client or significant other becomes a risk to themselves or to the provider, whether through mental illness, medications or purposeful, our response must be one of concern for self AND responsibility for patient safety.


Hear the story of an ICU Nurse who was nearly killed with chest tube collection tubing placed around her neck.

Hear her story and learn how you can better protect yourself from situations like this.  You will also learn how to apply simple, effective techniques of self-defense that are designed to keep you and your patients safe.


This course and the skills you will learn are designed for EVERYONE regardless of your age or physical ability!


Hey, when was the last time you were encouraged to wear comfortable clothes to a continuing education offering?


The October 28th, 2006 course will be held at Lee Jacobs Christian Karate Center in Brandon, Florida from 9am - 1pm, with pre-registration starting at 830am.  Please see maps page for directions.


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