Where will you be? 

Each year about 400,000 American people suffer sudden cardiac arrest.  Usually caused by a sudden change in heart rhythm, sudden death is exactly what it sounds like: sudden and deadly.  The victim will immediately become unconscious, stop breathing and lose circulation.


When it happens?  

You can make the difference between life and death!  Appropriate and swift action has led to thousands of lives saved.


What will you do? 

Early action saves lives.  The skills you will gain by learning CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) and choking rescue will prepare you to step forward and offer the chance for life!



Are you ready?  

It is an awesome thing to help save the life of another person. Our Basic Life Support courses teach all of the essential skills necessary in an environment of great fun and hands-on practice.


We are here to help you learn! 

Our staff specializes in taking our real world, life saving experience in both the streets and hospital and teaches you the same skills we use to save lives everyday.


Our courses are:

·        Taught by Critical Care Registered Nurses and Paramedics

·        Offer one manikin per person to maximize hands-on time and comfort level

·        Can be taught at your location or ours


Below is a description of classes. See which one is right for you and sign up on line today!

Heartsaver- This updated 2010 guidelines course includes adult prudent heart living, risk factors, heart attack signals, emergency actions, stroke information, the chain of survival concept, accessing EMS, barrier devices, AED's and appropriate actions to take for the adult, child and infant victim of a cardiac arrest and/or foreign body airway obstruction.

Target Audience - Lay Public

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Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers - This new 2010 guidelines course includes heart and lung function, risk factors, stroke information, the chain of survival concept, prudent heart living, heart attack signals, actions for survival, CPR (1 rescuer, 2 rescuer), foreign body airway obstruction, use of barrier devices, and the use of AED's. It requires a score of 84% or better on a 25 question written evaluation.

Target Audience - Health care providers and other professional rescuers.


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